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“Filmmaker Leland Montgomery fills in a gap when it comes to representing the voice of today’s twenty-somethings.”

Web Series God Particles Is What the End of the World Would Look Like for 20-Somethings | The Absolute


God Particles knows exactly what it is. Because of that, it shines in the best possible ways.”

Leland Montgomery’s God Particles | Indie Film Picks


“The series resonates as something genuinely fulfilling, subtle, and unique. It’s also gorgeous.”

Stop what you’re doing and catch up with God Particles | The Daily Dot



“Whether they live or die is far less interesting than some of the bigger questions raised by the series, like ‘Why does it take an epic tragedy—or the threat of one—for people to take control of their lives?’”

The 10 Best Web Series of 2014 | Paste


“Nuanced, funny, and meaningful.”

6 Great Web Series That Are Worth 10 Minutes of Your Time | Tech Times


“For a four episode series, God Particles gets pretty intricate, and that, more than anything else, is what makes it an intriguing watch for web series fans.”

Indie Spotlight: In God Particles, Doomsday Sets the Tone | Tubefilter



A behind-the-scenes look at the post-production process of God Particles

Large Hadron Collider on Collision Course with AlphaDogs | CreativeCOW


“The state of the world right now is worrisome and that worry will, I hope, create change. But there are also moments of kindness, and generosity, and beauty that I think we should focus on as well.”

Paste’s Leland Montgomery on His New Web Series, God Particles | Paste